Our Approach

After just one session you’ll know you’re in the right place…and so will your body.

Our Unique Approach

Our unique approach includes a comprehensive history, evaluation, review of lifestyle and habits relevant to the condition, and a program of chiropractic care that is customized to fit your goals.

Our treatments are a comfortable and effective combination of

traditional chiropractic manipulation for the spine and pelvis,

manual or massage therapy for the muscle groups in the head, neck, upper back, shoulders, lower back, and hips,

movement therapy for improved strength, flexibility and posture.

The results are reduction in pain and other symptoms, less tightness and restriction, greater mobility, and better overall function.

You will also experience renewed confidence in your body’s ability to heal.

Practical Proactivity!

Your in-office chiropractic treatment is combined with your home-care to drive your progress in a way that won’t kill your schedule, your budget or your timeframe!!

There is so much you can do!

Our unique combination of targeted long-kinetic-chain stretches will free up restrictions that are causing or contributing to your condition.

Our selection of therapeutic tools and supports for in-home use provide easy, consistent reinforcement of the changes your body is making.

Our supplements and topicals help to reduce pain and inflammation naturally.

From Wear-and-Tear to Relieve-and-Repair!

Through thorough evaluation we reveal the habits, as well as the misalignments, that are contributing to (or causing!) your ongoing tightness, discomfort and strain, and are literally wearing and tearing your joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Through small but meaningful adjustments to lifestyle elements (such as exercise, nutrition, hydration, sleep, work and play) you will shift your physiology away from wear-and-tear to relieve-and-repair.

More comfortable. More functional. More alive.

Office Hours:
Chiropractic Office hours are M-F and select Saturdays

111 South St. #225, Oyster Bay, NY 11771