Christine Berge, DC, located in Oyster Bay, NY, is a wonderful chiropractor. Scheduling an appointment is never an issue and her staff is very kind. I was dealing with lower back pain and received treatment twice a week. I actually looked forward to my visits!! At each visit, Dr Berge took the time to not only listen to my issues but also showed me exercises that I could do, on my own, at home which helped me so much. Within a short time my back was feeling great. I highly recommend Dr. Berge, who is not only caring but an effective chiropractor.
Christine N. 58,
Hicksville, NY
I walked into Dr. Berge’s office 10 days ago, with non-stop pain – when I walked, sat and slept. Only four visits later I feel virtually back to normal. Dr. Berge’s treatments are gentle and she is very knowledgeable. She gave me exercises to do that have helped to increase my range of motion. I highly recommend her.
Anne M. 57,
Oyster Bay, NY
I have seen several chiropractors throughout my life, and Chris is by far the best! She is knowledgeable and really cares about making sure you are taking care of the habits and/or finding the cause of whatever brings you in. She is the only chiropractor I will ever see from now on!
Ali M. 27,
I started seeing Dr.Berge 5 months pregnant For severe back pain and bursitis in my hips. After my first visit I felt so relaxed and was able to move again. I enjoyed the peaceful environment and appreciated the essential oils she used on me I have gone to other chiropractors and her techniques work and are amazing. Dr. Berge listened to what was going on and made clinical assessments along with giving me stretches to get through until my next visit. She is well educated on the body and it shows, so glad I was referred to her.
Monique S. 34,
Williston Park
I have been a patient of Dr Berge’s for over 10 years. Her care has been vital to my health and well-being and I consider chiropractic work an essential part of my healthcare routine. I came to Dr Berge after having a history of back pain. Dr. Berge’s warmth and passion for helping her patients comes through in every session. Having been in two separate car accidents in the past 5 years, and experiencing trauma in my body, Dr Berge made seeing me a priority! She not only took care of my pain, she also alleviated my fears and anxiety, Dr. Berge’s compassion and wealth of knowledge makes her someone I trust wholeheartedly with my health. Dr. Berge has taught me about my body’s ability to heal and how I can support this healing. I cannot recommend her care enough!
Alie K.
I first encountered Dr. Berge in 1989 when she was interning at a chiropractic office in Port Washington where my husband and his colleagues, from NSAL, all went. One day, I drove my husband for his adjustment and that is where and when I met Dr. Berge. At that time, I had suffered and lived with sciatica pain down the back of my left leg for 10 years. I took a leap of faith and decided to try Dr. Berge. Within three visits of adjustments, the pain was gone. Dr. Berge also helped reposition my car seat, which aided in keeping the pain away. I was so relieved, appreciative and impressed that when Dr. Berge opened her own practice in Locust Valley, I started to see her there. Once my initial complaint was resolved, I would get adjusted once a month to keep my various back, shoulder, and hip joint and muscle issues in check. Dr. Berge infused my treatments with the different chiropractic modalities she learned while taking various specialty courses. This made my adjustment experience personal and unique to me. I also valued the stretching exercises Dr. Berge taught me, as well as the wise information on how to get my body to function in a healthier manner. When Dr. Berge moved her practice to Oyster Bay, I naturally followed her there because it was still close to our home in Glen Cove. In 2003, my husband and I moved to Massachusetts. Ever since then, we have made the eight-hour, round-trip visit, several times a year, so I could get adjusted by Dr. Berge because she is the only chiropractor I trust. If you are in pain, don’t suffer like I did. I highly recommend Dr. Berge for all your chiropractic needs. She is kind, caring, patient, thorough, and results-oriented. I promise, you will be very pleased.
Fairhaven, MA
Dr Berge keeps me movin and groovin……Whether golfin or playin music her long time care improves my life daily…. Shes focused in a calming atmosphere….. The Best !!!